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Today Jaydene from Cradled Creations is sharing her favourite photo and her best newborn photography tip with you.

Jaydene is someone special to me because she was the one who captured photos of Jay when he was first born. On the day of his birth, we kept poor Jaydene waiting at the hospital for a long time since Jay decided to take his time coming out. We finally gave up and Jaydene went home, only to call her a few hours later at 2 in the morning to drive 52km back to the hospital – AND she was pregnant at that time!

Thank you Jayden. The photos you created holds a very special place in our hearts and they bring us back to those best moments of our lives.

Here’s Jaydene

I am a birth photographer located in Abbotsford, BC. I live my life on-call, not knowing when I will be called away from my own 2 babies to photograph a new life entering this world. My life is definitely a crazy one. I might hear from a mom in early labour at 2 am, or I might just be getting home after a long day at the hospital. Luckily I have a good support team that helped me to photograph 25 births last year. Capturing the emotion behind birth is my true passion, but photographing those sweet newborn details is a close second.

Favourite Newborn Photograph

how to take newborn photos

After a great newborn session at my client’s country home, I was about to leave and noticed the fog had rolled in outside. I asked my clients if they wouldn’t mind bundling up baby and hopping outside in their backyard for a few quick pics. These happened to be my favourite photos of their session. I would normally never ask my clients to take a newborn out on a freezing January evening, but I’m glad I listened to my intuition. The 3 minutes we spent outside resulted in a dozen absolutely magical photos.

Best Newborn Photography Tip

how to take sleepy newborn photos

Most of my clients request “those sleepy newborn photos.” They love the peaceful stillness and simplicity of a nude sleeping newborn. It has taken me years of practice to perfect working with newborns and changing them from scene to scene while keeping them asleep, but here are a few tricks I can pass on to you in your homes.1. A couple hours before you plan to take pictures, turn up the heat so it’s toasty warm. Warm babies are sleepy babies.2. Feed your baby before you start. Get them good and milk-drunk.3. Turn up some white noise. A few ideas: a vacuum, a hair dryer, or an iPhone app.4. Get some help! Ask a friend to come over and assist you so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

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