How To Take A Selfie With Your Children

As mothers, we are always the ones with the camera taking pictures of our love ones. I’m sure you have thousands and thousands of images of your children and I bet you’re only in a handful.

how to take a selfie

I’m such an advocate on mothers being in the pictures with their children. Why?

Simply because this is how your children will remember you.

how to take a selfie with kids

As a professional photographer who specializes in mother-child photography, I always tell mothers this:

  • Photos of your children are for you to remember what they look like and how cute they are
  • Photos of you with your children are for them to remember how much fun you’ve had together, how much you cherish and love them, and how much you matter to them

The photos I have with my children help me remember how blessed I am to have these little people in my life. I’m sure one day when they are old enough, they’ll know just by looking at the pictures how much they are loved.

how to take a selfie with kids

One of the best photography tips I have on how to take a selfie require 2 tools: a tripod and a remote trigger. Both tools are a must if you want to be in more pictures with your kids.

How To Take A Selfie With A Tripod

For our purpose, this lightweight tripod with a bag will do the job wonderfully and it’s only $25 from Amazon.

Here is what you need to do to set up your shot using a tripod:

  • Mount your camera securely to the tripod
  • Set up the shot first and frame it just right
  • Make sure the tripod is steady and whatever you do, keep your kiddies away from the tripod at all costs!  (They’ll get a little too interested and want to push all the buttons.)
  • Pre-focus on the spot where you plan to be
  • Use a higher aperture so everybody will be in focus
  • Set your camera’s auto focus to manual so it doesn’t refocus when you hit the shutter (this is really important!)
  • if you don’t have a remote trigger, put the camera on self-timer (delay) so you’ll have about 10 seconds to run into your shot and get into position

How To Take A Selfie

Use A Remote Trigger

For convenience and to save you time, a remote trigger is a handy tool to have. It’ll save you from running back and forth to your camera to press the button to take a picture.

I think the real name for this tool is shutter release remote control but it’s simply just a remote to take a picture. There are 2 pieces to this device and you’ll need both of them to make this work.- the left one mounts on to the top of your fancy black camera and the right one with the antenna is your remote.

Here is what you need to do to use a remote:

  • Mount your camera to the tripod and set up the shot with the steps above
  • Insert the left piece of the remote trigger to the top of your fancy black camera’s hotshoe (the metal piece at the top)
  • Get in your shot and position yourself accordingly
  • Holding the piece with the antena, press the button and fire away! Super easy!
  • The bonus with this remote trigger is it has the option to take 5 consecutive shots so you don’t have to keep clicking. You also have the option to delay the shot by 2 seconds so you could hide the trigger!

how to take a selfie with kids


However you choose to get in the shots, the most important thing is through the photography of these passing moments, you are building memories with your family – and that’s what it’s all about.

More Tips on How To Take A Selfie

For more tips and tricks to getting yourself in photos with your kids, this ebook has 7 tips to help you get in the shots. Pop in your email below to download it.

*disclosure: The links to the camera gear in this post are affiliate links. I couldn’t have taken these images without these tools which is why I’m sharing them with you.

Robyn Good -

This is great advice. I tend not to take as many pictures with my daughter as I should.

Crystal McLeod -

I totally have used a tripod and the timer on my camera to get pictures of me and my kids, or propped my camera up! It is a lot easier on my actual camera vs. my cell phone! lol Great post!

Crystal Allen -

Amy this is such a great post. I really want to get an SLR camera one day soon and learn to photograph again. I took a class in high school and enjoyed being in the dark room so much. Right now I just take photos on my iphone but I have a lot of fun taking selfies of my daughter and I will my iphone on Instagram. 🙂

Daniela Duriavig -

Great tips, thanks Amy. My kids are teens now – tons of photos of them, very few with me! I wish I had paid more attention to that. But no time like the present to start!

Serena Mahabir D'Cruze -

I love these tips – and am especially enamoured with the baby shot – I don’t believe you did it yourself! It’s so awesome!

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