how to turn the camera around and take a good selfie

Now that you know how to take a selfie with your kids (you downloaded the photo guide, right? There’s a sign up box on the right.) I have some extra photography tips for you when taking self portraits with your kids.

how to take a selfie tips and tricks

These tips are specifically for when you hold the camera with your arm(s) with the lens facing you. I find it a lot easier to do selfies with smartphones and small camera since they are easier to hold because of it’s size and all the settings are on auto. The following tips will apply to any camera and the more technical ones are for your big fancy camera.

How to take a good selfie

how to take a selfie photography tips

have fun!

Taking selfies with your children is fun, so goof off and be silly! Make funny faces, have them hug you from behind, get them to give you bunny ears, roll around the ground laughing, etc. When you and your kids look at these photos years from now, you’ll want to remember what a fun childhood they’ve had and these pictures are proof.

don’t lean back!

how to take a selfie photography tips

I think it’s pretty obvious why I don’t recommend leaning back. Who needs another chin? Remember, always have your chin forward and down. This video will show you how if you need to practice.

zoom out

Since you’re holding the camera with your arms, the distance between the lens and your face is about 2 feet. If you want all of your faces to be in the shot, I find a good focal length to use is around 35mm and still have the camera be able to focus. You probably can’t zoom in more than that because the camera can’t focus unless you’re using a macro lens or if you set your point and shoot camera to macro mode.

set the focus to middle

how to take a selfie photography tips

When you’ve got the camera turned around, set your focus to the centre point of your DSLR. This way, you can aim the camera directly at yourself and make sure the lens is pointing straight at you.

Another reason to put your faces in the middle is to avoid distortion of your face. Since we are shooting at a wider angle, some distortion is bound to happen. If you put your face to the edge of the photo, the camera will stretch your face out just a little bit.

make sure your faces are side by side

how to take a selfie photography tips

If you’re using a wider aperture, make sure you and your child’s faces are beside each other. In the above picture, my face was about 6 inches in front of Elle’s. Since the camera was set at F4 and it focused on Elle, I wasn’t in focus. However, depending of the story you want to tell, sometimes that is perfectly ok.

If you have enough light and can use a smaller aperture, I’d go to F11 or higher so the depth of field is greater but even then, someone will be out of focus if your faces are that far apart.

take pictures of your kids

how to take a selfie photography tips

Since kids moves around a lot, they most likely will be by your side for 13 seconds then run around you for 7 seconds and repeat. As they circle around you, aim your camera at them and keep snapping away.

Remember your number 1 goal when taking selfies with your kids is to have fun and connect with them – taking pictures is 2nd.

Free Ebook

Make sure to download this ‘How To Take A Selfie with Your Kids’ ebook. It has 7 tips to help you get in the pictures with your kids.

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How do I turn the camera around to take a photo?