3 Photography Tips To Get Your Kids Smiling For Pictures – Part 2

Last week, I suggested 3 simple photography tips when photographing children so you could capture their real smiles.

I’m talking about big, shiny smiles that happen naturally when kids are having fun. It’s during those cracking-themselves-up, giggling-like-crazy moments that you and your digital camera need to be ready to snap the shot.

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3 more simple photography tips to engage children when taking pictures of them

Replace Their Favourite Songs With Silly Words

This is another twist on livening up the ordinary with the unexpected. “Twinkle, twinkle, little cow,” complete with mooing noises, is hilarious to a child. Make the second verse about a tiger and throw in some roars. Try “Mary had a little monkey” or “Row, row, row your pancake/gently down the syrup!”

Tell Them Not To Smile

Telling a child not to do something pretty much guarantees they’ll do the opposite, right? Use reverse psychology to your benefit here. “Whatever you do, don’t smile. Do. Not. Smile. Don’t do it!” You can only hide a smile for so long before it makes it debut.

Challenge Them

Children love to prove that they can do anything, so let them try! “I bet you can’t lick your elbow!” “There’s no way you can smell your own nose, get outta town!” “Ibet that you can’t hop up and down and rub your belly at the same time!”

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The Photos You’re After

Using these photography tips with children or anyone for that matter will for sure get you the expressions you’re after. Do keep in mind that the shot you want is not while they’re doing the action like licking their elbow (although it is a funny shot).

The photograph you’re after is the moment they think they’re being so funny and cheeky they burst out laughing – that’s the shot you want.

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Want to take better pictures? Take an online photography course.

If you want to take awesome photos of your kids, check out these on-line photography courses  by Photosanity. You could get a FREE short video that’ll help you take better photos of your kids. I actually picked up a few nuggets from the tips they offered so be sure to check it out!

Daniela Duriavig -

Great tips – I wish I had focused on learning photography when the kids were younger. So many missed moments!

Pink Chai -

Great tips as always! I love saying ridiculous things when they expect to hear “cheese” but my kids are used to it now and try to hold a straight face! I’ve had some great reactions from everyone say – octopus banana pants, or unicorn poop!

Christy Maund-Lawson -

Great tips! It always drives me up the wall when they hit that “constipated” strained smile stage – always good to find new ways to keep them laughing!

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Ivan Perdomo Photography -

Good tips! I do change the lyrics to their songs, but never on a photo shoot! hahahaha