worst thing to say when photographing kids

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What’s the worst thing to say to kids when you’re trying to photograph them?

‘1-2-3 cheese!’

This is probably the best photography tip I can give. There are a few reasons why I don’t recommend this and I shared this over at Little Miss Kate. I also listed some useful suggestions of what to say to kids instead. Pop over here for all the details.

engage your children to avoid cheesy smiles

I also share on this blog some of my best photography tips to engage children and get them to smile. These easy tips are very useful if you want to avoid the cheesy smile.

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Amy Lee is a children photographer in Vancouver who specializes in mother-child photography. She photographs mothers laughing, playing, and sharing hugs and kisses with her children.

Crystal Allen -

My husband has started to say “Say liquorice!” I think once she get’s used to that one he’ll mix it to something new. 🙂

Pink Chai -

We never ask the kids to say cheese…instead we go with crazy sayings like say: octopus banana pants! Heading over to check out the full post now:)