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I’m Amy, and I love my kids =)

But sometime…life gets in the way.

I work.
I make dinner.
I drive them to school and their many activities.

Sometimes life is so busy, I forget to see them.

Really see them and just be with them.

So we set up times where I let everything go and just love them.
Connect and bond with them.
Spend quality time with them and be fully present.

And so, I blog because I believe…


This blog is for you.

If you’re a loving mother who wants your children to know they are loved and cherished, then this is your blog.

Here you’ll find lots of fun ideas to help you connect and bond with your children.

There are fun crafts and activities for you and your kiddos to create new experiences with.
There are healthy snacks to keep you nourished.
There are photography tips so you could take great pictures of you and your children together.

And if you need parenting insights, I’ll share my journey with you – mother to mother.

Since you’re reading this, you could probably believe in the same things I do and we probably have a lot in common. Let’s keep in touch and I’ll come visit your inbox with inspiration, ideas and FREE goodies, so you and the people you love can connect and create a stronger bond.


If you want to send me a nice message, email me here.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I might link to things on Amazon (like photography gear or craft supplies I use) in my blog posts, and use affiliate links. I only recommend stuff I truly believe in and use myself. You can read the agreements here.

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