this smile i love

A couple weeks ago, I shared a really simple template on how to write a letter to your child in 10 minutes. Following that format, below is a short letter I’ve written to my daughter about one of her many smiles that I love.

Dear little bee,

When we are playing together and doing silly things, you have your ‘I’m so happy to hang out with mommy’ by Vancouver child photographer The Connection We ShareThis is a smile where we see all your teeth and both dimples on the sides of your face. This smile is always accompanied by a lot of high pitch laughters and silly giggles.

I love this smile because you light up the room with so much life and so much joy. When I see a picture of this smile, I can hear your giggles and feel the joy of that moment all over again.vancouver children photoThank you for sharing your smiles and making these the best moments of my life.

Love you oh so much