a letter to my daughter: setting a good example

Dearest Elle,

I feel so honored and proud that you want to be just like me.

I love the way you hold out your little finger and point to my slippers as you walk around the house in your shoes. I used to think you really like to walk around in your shoes. It took me a few weeks to realize you do that because I wear slippers around the house.

vancouver baby children photo

I love the way you point to my jacket pockets as you tuck your little hands into your kangaroo pockets. The way you carefully slip you hands into those pockets make me smile. It took me a week to realize you do that because I do it.

I love the way you hold your index finger to your lips and say ‘shhhhhs’. Then you point to me with your chubby little finger and say ‘waite’. Yes, I do that to you when you’re whining. Now you do that to me when I tell you its bed time.

I know you want to be just like mommy. This is how you learn to do new things – by copying. I’m honored that you look up to me. I realize as you grow older, you’ll look for other sources of inspiration. But for now, it’s me.

You made me realize I need to set a good example for you. I promise to ‘put my best foot forward’ and be the person you could look up to.

vancouver baby children photo

Please understand I’m human and I make mistakes. I might say a bad word in front of you and I might grunt when frustrated. I do these things out of habit without thinking and these are not good habits to have.

There are lots of things I do that I could do without in my life. Bad words and frustrated grunts are some. As we continue our journey together, you’ll keep reminding me of things I need to change. I promise you I’ll be the best person I could be and set a good example for you.

I love you with all my heart


April 4, 2012. You are 19 months and 20 days old today.

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