you will always be my little girl

Photo by Vancouver family photography studio The Connection We ShareMy dear little bee,

It was only 8 ½ hours ago I last saw you. Yet as I look at you standing in front of the fridge, negotiating with daddy about what to have for dinner, you seem different.

You’re the same size as this morning. Yet you appear to be a little taller, a little bigger and little more mature. You seem to be able to comprehend more, more understanding and you seem to be growing out of your ‘little girl’ title. Yet 8 ½ hours ago, you were still my little girl, my big baby.

You did not change, not at all – but my perception of you has.

7 hours ago, I found out there will be someone else coming into our lives soon. There will be someone else smaller than you who will require our love and attention.

You are going to be a big sister and right now, that is how I see you. Even though you’ve been given a new title, you will always be my little girl.

I love you will all my heart.

Eleana -

Beautiful letter Amy! Congratulations! You are a great mother and I look forward to reading twice as many wonderful words of wisdom you will now be writing. I can share your sentiments. I will always remember the day I came home with my son. In one instant, my little girl shifted in front of my eyes. I knew it was coming but when I saw them side by side, it was amazing how our perception changes so fast.

amy -

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Eleana. I wonder how your perception of Brea changed? Did you not see her as a little girl anymore?

Michelle -

Congratulations Amy! What a sweet letter to your daughter. Yes, I tell my firstborn all the time that he’s still my little baby. (He loves hearing that.)