a letter to my daughter: being together

My dearest little girl,

I love you.

I love your smile. I love the dimples on your cheeks and the light in your eyes when you smile. I love the way you smile at your own reflection and kiss yourself in the mirror when we tell you the hat you’re wearing is ‘lang lang’ (pretty). I love the way you smile at me when you are touching my face with your little hands.

My little Ellie Bee, you are the sweetest little girl. You enjoy kissing me or daddy or your animals. Sometimes you kiss us when we ask, other times you pull our face toward yours and kiss us where you could reach. Sometimes you kiss my eyelid, sometimes my chin.

vancouver baby children photo
I love hanging out in the backyard with you. I put you in the red plastic wagon and pull you around the yard. We make many stops along the way to graze. We stop at the strawberry patch to pick strawberries, and then we stop at the raised beds to pick peas. You only like to eat the seeds inside the sugar pea so I shell it for you. When we pass by the flowers, I take you out of the wagon and put you on my leg to smell the pretty flowers together. You like to grab the flowers and yank them. I tell you to be gentle to the flower and not hurt it. When you smell the flowers, you scrunch up your little nose and make wrinkles on your forehead.

After a few rounds of circling with the wagon, we lay on a big sheet on the grass. I lie on my back looking at the sky and the trees, and you crawl from one end of the sheet to the other, sometimes crawling over me to get to the other side. You never stay still. Sometimes I pick you up and throw you around, sometimes I hug you and try to keep you in one place. We hang out like this for a few hours and I always lose track of time.

Elle, I am proud that you are a fearless explorer. You like to go places and touch everything you can get your little hands on. You’re always curious. You go onto the tips of your toes to reach for whatever is on the table. You try to get the flashlight on the table and not be scared that it’ll fall on your foot. You lean out of the wagon to smell the flowers not knowing you’ll fall out into the wet bushes. You keep pulling on the toilet paper not knowing it is a pain to roll it back up.

vancouver baby children photo
I am proud of your walking. You wobble your way here and there and you always get back up no matter how you fall (and you don’t fuss about it). You taught me to not be afraid of falling; if we fall, we can get back up.

Elle, I want you to know that everything happens for a reason. People and situations show up in our life because they are there to teach us something. A lot of times, you will not know why something is happening nor will you be able to see the positive right away. I can tell you that once you look at the situation from another angle and learn from it, it will shape you to be a better person and prepare you for the next best thing in your life. These people, experiences and situations will inspire and teach you to become the person you are meant to be.

I hope that you will grow up knowing I love you and you are one of the most important people to me. You have been given gifts that only you possess and you are meant to do something great with those gifts. I will nurture you and help you find your strengths and help you develop them. God has a plan for you and His plan is a bigger plan than you can dream yourself. Follow your heart and trust that He will guide you.

I love you with all my heart.

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Maggie -

I LOVE the idea of writing letters to our children. I plan to write one every year and one day when my daughter is old(er), we will sit together and read them together. I never want her to forget how much I love her and want a tangible reminder for her if she ever doubts my love.

Cecilia Ng -

I am so proud of you that you pursue your goal and also your dream. Elle is very blessed as she has a special mom who can capture her every moment of her life and keep all these precious moments for her.

amy -

Awww, thank you for your kind comment.

Jenny CP -

So perfect:)